2000 Honda S2000 – The Phoenix


In Greek mythology the Phoenix is actually a beautiful bird that is regenerated and reborn, arising from the ashes from the predecessor. The stunning red S2000 that you see before you went down in flames (literally) and has arisen from the ashes of its previous form time and time again, each form being greater than the one before it.

Yuri Arts and his family, planted firmly inside the Netherlands, use a love affair with the Honda brand. They’ve owned multiple chassis along with the S2, and possess modified each one. And the manner upon which we modify cars is undoubtedly an indication of this growth, over the years we all grow and mature. In 2000, they obtained a ’98 Civic which belonged to his wife, Yvonne, and, in Yuri’s own words, “We pimped it to a pink lady monster.” Clearly, times and styles and focal points have evolved. Even still, they owned that car until 2010. Yvonne keeps Yuri focused on his build as she doesn’t allow him to do anything major to her S2, even though it has since been replaced with a red S2000. So the couple scoots about town in her and his red Honda roadsters, but with regards to family time, the two needed something to transport their son in. Not surprisingly, another Honda will be added to the stable, this time a new Accord (TSX, to us here in the States) that, regardless of its being strictly a household car, continues to be graced with wheels, suspension, and an intake from the one-and-only Mugen. Yeah, this family has somewhat of a modding addiction.

“The S2000 was my dream car. The looks and the high-revving engine of 9,000 rpm is fantastic. It provides race car capabilities which is a convertible. I never imagined I can own one.” However it was in 2004 that Yuri was able to find the chassis he had dreamt of. That same year, Yuri joined S2Ki.com, the internationally renowned S2K forum that covers essentially everything and anything that this S2000 enthusiast, new or established, could want or need to know. The next year he joined honda-s2000.be, an S2000 enthusiast site particularly for those in the Netherlands. With these two sites offering up countless ideas and inspirational S2 builds, it didn’t take very long for Yuri to embark on his own build.

“The performance modifications began in 2006. I was looking more and more in the Forced Induction part of the forum and wanted even more brake horsepower as well,” Yuri says. So, the decision is made that Yuri’s S2 could be powered through the use of forced induction. He then decided to contact a shop by the name of Supra Sport to produce a build plan. The shop is an expert in Toyota, but in addition works onLexus and Nissan, and other manufacturers, as the name indicates. Exactly what the Supra Sport crew didn’t specialize in, however, were Hondas. Regardless, Yuri worked with those to develop a build plan and possesses stayed along with them on the project ever since. They’ve been responsible for the installation and/or fabrication of your entire build.

The car has gone through many phases from 2006 to the present incarnation, and all those involved went through hellfire along with to learn the most difficult of ways on where and how to improve the build. “With the first setup we didn’t have the cooling under control, so on long runs on the German Autobahn the engine would overheat and internal damage occurred. The engine blew in the dyno as a result of mistake the engineer made in the computer, on the next setup. We had to fix it, so that we decided to get rid of the whole setup and start over, rebuilding the engine through the ground up. This period around the engine caught fire while cruising on the highway,” Yuri reminisces. They discovered that the fuel rail broke off and also the fuel that had been spilling lit up the whole bay. “We were with four cars and stopped immediately and extinguished the bay. A lot had to be repaired after that.” Yeah, we simply imagine. Talk about rising from ashes and flames.

What clearly stands out by far the most on this build, and the biggest reason it landed in the odd swaps issue, is the use of a Toyota Supra gearbox. The 2JZ motor that powers the MKIV Supra is really a phenomenal powerplant capable of holding incredible power. With that much potential, Toyota had to mate it to your capable transmission able to handle gobs of horsepower, torque, and abuse. The six-speed Getrag V160 gearbox that resulted is known to handle cars with upwards of 1,500 hp, so its strength, combined with favorable gear ratios commence to make their choice to utilize it within this turbo build more and more logical. But opting to use the transmission is one thing, making it all come together is another. The guys at Supra Sport had to fabricate a completely custom, all-aluminum adaptor plate to mate the transmission towards the F-series mill. In addition to the gearbox, they utilized the Toyota OEM Torsen limited-slip differential.

With the knowledge gained through the previous F/I setups, the existing setup was decided upon and executed. They completely rebuilt it and stroked the very first F20C to 2.2L. A Garrett TS-GT35R turbo with a PFabrications twin-scroll manifold was chosen to handle induction duties, while a fully custom Supra Sport fuel system using Bosch 2,000cc injectors was made to quench the subsequent thirst. With everything eventually situated, the car was wear the dyno, the AEM EMS connected, and the critical tuning session began. The end result was a staggering 600 560 and bhp n•m at 1.5 Bar utilizing 91-octane fuel.

Through bouts of overheating, blown motors, and fuel fires… each time the build was reborn and arose once again. It could seem that the cycle has ended, as Yuri as well as the crew at Supra Sport were able to create rock-solid numbers without any major issues. “Lately the car has performed perfectly,” Yuri says. So, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, apparently, wrong. Yuri adds, “We have got a new engine setup within the making. Twin scroll is headed out the door. We plan to use a new, simple turbo but with the aid of an Eaton supercharger. So, we’ll have a lot more power in the low rpm, quicker spool up for your turbo, and we’ll use E85 to bump all of it up to no less than 800 bhp.” Well, it looks like yet another incarnation of this beautiful red S2000 is in the way, as well as perhaps the greatest one yet.

“The S2000 was my dream car. The looks and also the high-revving engine of 9,000 rpm is fantastic. It has race car capabilities and is a convertible. I never thought I would be able to own one.”

1306 honda s2000 F20C

1306 honda s2000 interior

1306 honda s2000 OZ racing LM wheels

Bolts & Washers

2000 Honda S2000



2.2 stroker kit with forged pistons

PFabrications twin-scroll manifold

Garrett TS-GT35R turbocharger and intercooler

Custom ATI crank pulley

Toyota Supra 6-speed gearbox

Toyota Supra limited-slip differential

Supra Sport aluminum engine to gearbox adaptor

Supra Sport custom fuel system with swirl pot

Bosch 2,000cc injectors

Ultimate Racing dual 3-inch exhaust

Koyorad aluminum radiator

Samco hoses

Polished valve cover

Gas hood shocks

Driveshaft Shop axles

Password: JDM carbon radiator cooling plate

Carbonetics carbon twin plate clutch


600 bhp at 9,200 rpm, 560 n•m


Modified MY07 S2000 front and back subframes

Intrax 1K2 suspension with antiroll control

Cusco reinforcement bars


Rotora big brake kit

Grooved/drilled rotors

Wheels & Tires

OZ Ultraleggera LM wheels

Bridgestone RE-11 semislicks


Full paintjob with extra clear lacquer

Shine bumper

Downforce side diffusers

MY04 S2000 rear bumper

Chargespeed carbon rear under caps

Password: JDM carbon front splitter

Password: JDM carbon full underbody diffuser

Seibon carbon hardtop

Seibon carbon hood

Seibon carbon wing

New Honda OEM hardtop installation components

USDM AP2 headlights

USDM AP2 taillights


Mugen rollcage

Alcantara accents on seats, door panels, and dashboard

Carbon center console

Various new Honda parts


AEM Series 2 EMS

Racelogic traction control

Defi BF gauges with controller


I would mainly want to thank my wife Yvonne, for letting me do my thing. My tuner Arnout Van Der Kamp (www.suprasport.nl), for building this unbelievably beautiful and fast car. My buddy Noud Klaver, for always being available to drive to my tuner, which can be 60km away, hundreds of times in the last year or two.

1306 honda s2000 seibon hard top

1306 honda s2000 side view

1306 honda s2000 garrett_intercooler

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Daily grind

IT programming company owner

Favorite sites

S2Ki.com and honda-s2000.be

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About 12 years

Dream car

This is it.

Inspiration just for this build


Future builds

Keep going on this one

1306 honda s2000 password JDM diffuser

1306 honda s2000 garrett turbo

1306 honda s2000 defi gauges


This website is a Belgian and Dutch S2000 enthusiast online community and is well organized. Constantly involved with its members in ways that can easily be the envy of the worldwide S2000 enthusiast community, they even put together multiple trips through which members toured Europe together. In 2009, they went to Italy to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the S2000. It was there that they all met the principle designer in the car, who traveled from Japan to join them on the trip. Pretty damn cool, right?

Later that same year these were invited by Honda Japan to come to the manufacturing plant in the Land of the Rising Sun to view the last S2000s roll off of the production line. Even more cool! Yuri made certain to optimize on the circumstances and make the most from his visit to Japan. He took an extra week to check out Rays, J’s Racing, Spoon Sports, and a lot more.

With everything eventually situated, the automobile was put on the dyno, the AEM EMS connected, and the critical tuning session began. The effect was a staggering 600 560 and bhp n•m at 1.5 Bar utilizing 91-octane fuel.