What Makes The Perfect Driving Shoes

Choosing the right driving shoes isn’t all about looking good (although there are some pretty stylish pairs about once you know where to look) . . . it’s actually more about safety and comfort.

Your safety and the safety of others if you drive while wearing the wrong varieties of shoes it may have all sorts of implications on your driving.

Rather alarmingly, a large proportion of people have admitted to driving in shoes which were unsuitable. In some cases this may have caused them to drive in a dangerous fashion, in others it may have even been the cause of accidents.


Your feet are very important and really busy while driving. These are constantly pressing and releasing the pedals that may all commence to take its toll about the feet and ankles. If you are wearing the right kind of shoes your toes will be comfortable which will enable you to feel more enjoyable which in turn enhances the control you might have over the car. It also means that you can react faster to changing situations in the road conditions or even the traffic close to you . . . wearing the proper sort of driving shoes can certainly help you to develop into a smoother driver.

The key attributes of good driving shoes are the heels as well as the soles.

Soles – when your shoes have thick soles it prevents you from feeling the pedal properly that can make it difficult to learn how much pressure you are exerting onto it. This will make braking and accelerating very jumpy and jerky, be uncomfortable for passengers, cause undue wear and tear onto your car and be potentially dangerous if you must react quickly. Your driving shoes should have soles which are no more than 1 cm thick although even thinner than which is better. Try driving in a pair of shoes with a very thin sole and you’ll soon experience the difference.


You’ve also have got to avoid shoes with extra wide soles. This could cause you to accidentally press both pedals at the same time which could cause a variety of problems.

Now let’s pinpoint the heels. High heel shoes are a definite “no-no”. In order to achieve the right type of pedal action, the heel of the foot needs to be firmly placed on to the floor. When you wear high heels this elevates the heel with distorts your capability to know how much pressure must be applied. High heels are bad but platforms and wedges are even worse – they’ve got double the trouble with thick soles and high heels as well.

Flip Flops may also be a really bad idea in terms of driving. They are able to fall off so easily that they can become lodged between your floor along with the pedal which happens to be very distracting for the driver and can result in accidents.

So what are the alternatives?

Moccasin type driving shoes may well not exactly match your outfit but there are some super stylish ones available too. They’ve got super flexible, thin soles and are extremely comfortable with little if any heel whatsoever . . . the perfect combination.


It’s a great idea to carry a pair of driving shoes along with you all the time, then it really doesn’t matter what you are wearing. It’s really easy to slip out of your “”fashion”” shoes and into your comfortable driving shoes as you get out and also in of the car and can make a big difference for your safety and comfort.

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